Mummy's Spartun Run - please donate to spur her on

Thank you so much to everyone that has already supported and donated but after all her hard training, Harrison's mummy is finally set to run in the London Spartun 5k Sprint on Sunday.

Its a mad obstacle course race designed to test resilience, strength, stamina and quick decision making skills. You can see a video of the sort of things she'll have to contend with here -

The run will demand every ounce of strength, ingenuity, and animal instinct so why Jo is doing it who knows........but then we do actually since its to raise money for Harrison, so if you havent donated already, please spur her on and give a penny or 2.

Just click on the donate button on the site or if you're not happy doing this through Pay Pal, just get in touch and we can give you alternative ways.

She'll really appreciate it as will Harrison of course,

many thanks everybody