Over £500 raised for Harrison!

Over £500 raised for Harrison!


We want to thank friends of Harrison's daddy, Matt (on the right in the photo above) and Gareth (on the left obviously), for their incredible effort for not only running the New Forest Half Marathon recently on 22nd September 2012 but more importantly for raising over £500 for Harry's trust fund in doing so.

To say that the weather was bad is a huge understatement. The rain was absolutely lashing it down so it became a far tougher 'first half marathon' than they had expected, making their efforts even more amazing!

Furthermore, Matt hardly got any sleep as preparation. Going to bed a 21.30 he found himself still awake at 02.30, suffering a mixture of nerves and dread. He decided to go downstairs to watch some inspirational films and as he describes, “2 films later, it was time to start eating - 2 bananas was all I could face with a swig of energy drink and half a cup of coffee!”

 “07.30 saw me kissing the wife, all tucked up cozy in bed, normal routine of threats and cuddles for the kids and I was out the door and into what can only be described as "torrential downpour". It was at this point that I started muttering what was to become the mantra for the day to myself, 'Think of Harrison, think of all the kind people that have donated so much money, stop whimpering, man up and let’s go!!'"

Gareth's preparation was however a little different. Already having the expectation of a tough day and having not put in the required training, he mentions that "having a cool Foster's Gold whilst watching Match of The Day meant I slept like a baby!"

So after a 20 min walk to the start, thoroughly soaked and cold, they set off on the 13 miles run promptly at 09.15 as planned!

But they both finished and in amazing times. Matt came 580th out of the 1597 that entered running the 13 miles in 1h 50m 31secs, Gareth 950th running in 2 hours dead!

Matt and Gareth want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those that have supported them and have taken the time and consideration to donate.

But more importantly we want to thank them........ so thank you and well done guys!!