Its now Daddy's turn

Its now Daddy's turn

After so many kind friends and family raising money for Harrison, it’s now my turn to step up to the plate!

I've decided to enter a 'Hellrunner' trial running race on Sunday 11th November, along with Harrison's Uncle Ben and some other 'mentalists'.

But what is the 'Hellrunner' you might ask?

Well the website explains it as "trail running at its toughest and most enjoyable (I'd question that last adjective!!). About 12 miles of challenging off-road running… tough, twisting trails… including the famed Hills of Hell and the Bog of Doom! " 

So in other words running a bloody long way up, down, through and over all sorts of muddy hills and obstacles....including a huge smelly muddy puddle (up to your chest by all accounts) too!! So cosmic!!

As many of you know I do try to keep myself quite fit and go out for a run or 2 but I've never done a race like this before, let alone run the distance, so fingers crossed!!

I'm very conscious that everyone's got commitments at what is a tough time still so please don't worry if you are unable to donate. I'm also hoping to do something far bigger than this either next year or the one after so if you do feel you are able to donate, I'm really not after loads of your money........not just yet anyway. If everyone donated even just a fiver now it would be amazing and we would be so very grateful for your help, it all counts!

In case you were wondering why, we are constantly raising money to ensure that Harrison gets to enjoy life as much as possible and has everything in order to do so, be it therapy, care or general kit (everything is so expensive you wouldn't believe)

So if you feel you can, you can donate either directly through this site via PayPal (where you can also leave a message I believe, just as you can through JustGiving etc) or if you'd rather, please just get in touch with me (via if you wish) and I can give you the trust fund account details to transfer directly into it or even my address to send a cheque.

Thank you so much in advance guys and I'll tell you more on here once I've completed it...hopefully!!!!

Best wishes