Thank you Dom!!

Thank you Dom!!

(Dom at the Boscombe 10k)

We'd like to thank Harrison's daddy's cousin Dom so much for recently raising money for his trust fund.

We blogged a few weeks back that she was going to run the Boscombe 10K and she did it in an amazing time despite the cold, wind and rain!!

So well done Dom, we're so proud of you and can't thank you enough for raising the money you have, which has now reached the £300 mark!! xx

Dom has written a fantastic account herself below to explain the experience and to thank everyone that so kindly donated to Harrisons's trust and which spurred her on so please have a read.

Thank you


"I set myself one challenge this year and that was to run a 10k for Harrison.

Those of you that know me know that I like a little run now and again. To be honest, until the beginning of this year I never seemed to be able to get past 3-4 miles (5-6 k). So I decided to start increasing my distance little by little, and soon realised that a nice long run on a Sunday was a great way to "escape" and de-stress! As a mum of 2 demanding under fives, I found a great new way to cope with the chaos!

So by the end of summer this year I decided I was ready to put my name down for the Boscombe 10k.  I had a few practice runs in the weeks leading up to the race but still found I was pretty nervous about it all. The big day came along and off we all trotted to kings park stadium. Luca was going to do the kids fun run but it was bloody freezing and a few yards in he decided he didn't fancy it! Unfortunately I didn't have that option! All my lovely sponsors were counting on me to complete this, come rain or shine.

Off we set at 11am on that freezing cold and windy Sunday, 600 runners, a lap of the stadium to start us off.

As those that know me will testify I do like to chat, so I thought I would drum up a little conversation en route. Some were receptive but I got a fair few grunts which I took to mean "buggar off, I am running a race".

The route was lovely, particularly enjoyed running through queens park golf course. It rained a bit and the wind was howling but I didn't really notice as I was in the zone man. The marshalls were amazing, so many of them along the route and all smiling and encouraging us. I ran the last 1k with a chap who was a fellow 10k "virgin" like myself and we had a chuckle as we hurtled along the track to the finish line, each one trying to be first ( he beat me by 1 second!). I completed it in 55 mins 32 seconds which I was really pleased with. A friend had promised me extra sponsorship if I did 20 press ups at the finish... and I can't quite believe it but I did it! Obviously high on adrenaline, can't seem to do more than 10 now!

Anyway I absolutely loved the race and am now itching to do another ( maybe 10 miles next time).

More importantly I am so thankful to all who sponsored me  as between us we have made a fantastic contribution to Harrison's fund. Awesome x"