Some latest donations

Its been a long time since our last blog posting but we wanted to share some recent kind donations that have been made to Harrison’s Trust Fund.

2 of them have been made by a couple of local churches and totally out of the blue, which makes them even more incredible and us thankful for them.

The Ladies Guild at St Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church in West Moors got in touch via this site since they raise money for local causes every year selling Lenten Lunches before Easter. They kindly donated £150.

Contact was then made by another local Womens Church Prayer Group who get together and donate an small amount each time they do. They were able to send a cheque for £50 recently, which we are just nso very grateful for.

The last is a slightly odd one!!

Following seeing one of the articles in the local papers about our fund raising, a national publishing company got in touch. They publish one of the womens coffee break style magazines you can buy called ‘Thats Life’. They have a column called ‘You’re a Star’ and they wondered if Harrison’s mummy would like to nominate his daddy to be that star forthe ‘Hellrunner’ race he did.

He was featured within the 14 February issue and as a result they donated £100 to the fund.

We’d like to take this opporunity to thank everyone involved in these very kind and generous donations.