Harrison's latest school review video

Here is a video of Harrison at school given to us as part of his latest review. - hope it works and there are some other lovely videos on his Youtube channel too for you to watch.

We love this so much as it really shows his determination to achieve and participate at school, tyring to learn things when its clearly so difficult for him. It acts as a lovely 'fly on the wall' for us, seeing him in a very different environment to home. ...but its also fairly difficult to watch for us too, since it demonstrates how hard the simplest of things are for him and the challenges and frustrations he faces.

What we also love is the care, attention and patience of his teacher, Gill....they are all so amazing at Victoria School and they have helped Harrison so much...and we know they will continue to do so going forward.

Besides that, he clearly likes the camara though, I think we counted him pearing back at it with a smile at least 3 times...and if only he was this quiet and amused at home!!!

Well done Harry, keep it up.