Harry's parents evening

We had Harry's school parents meetings last night (with his teachers, then his physio, his OT and then language and speech therapist) and we had some lovely feedback on his progress there which was lovely. It seems his concentration levels in class are improving and tantrums are decreasing (we just which they were at home!).

The big bit of feedback for us was from his OT and in relation to his power chair driving. Due to Harry's lack of co-ordination and stiffness in his arms and hands, he finds it more difficult to use the normal joystick set up on the arm rest of his power chair so they've got him steering it with his head instead using a devise through the head rest (so turning left by moving his head left and stopping and moving using it too etc).

Not only did they say that he clearly understands how to use it and that he now knows his left and right (which he demonstrated to us there and then), we we're told that there is no doubt that he will be able to use this way to move around completely independently in a chair! 

It might be a while from now but if that is the case, and we just hope it is, it will be amazing to think that he might be able to move himself about independently and driving round corners (hopefully missing our walls and doors though, ha!).

The next thing on the agenda and he's actually going to be trying this out at school today, is a Neater Eater! This is a device that helps him feed himself (its a spoon on an arm which he can control himself)...and he was so excited this morning knowing that he was going to be trying this out (and since they were going to be doing it with chocolate mouse too!!) if he takes to this, it will give him even more independence!

We heard some great feedback in relation to his speech and how they are now trying to get him to say his vowels. This makes so much sense in terms of some of the noises and words we're hearing him say and try to say at home now. We were also able to offer some of our own feedback in terms of the words we know he is saying but which his teachers might not (such as he likes to be called Harry now, probably beacuse he can say that himself, not Harrison!!!!)

Well done Harry, you're doing so well and we're all so proud of you....despite your tantrums!!!

Mum, Dad and Reece xxx